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dtotheflow's Journal

6 June 1986
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my name is Dolores but everyone calls me LoLa. Im a single mom. (more power to me).
i hate when people copy what i say and what i do... i hate people who are jerks and are mean.. .. desperate people get on my nerves. everything else turns me on... j/k i LOVE my little baby girl emily she is my whole reason for living.. if it wasnt for her i would be in a dumpster somewhere doing drugs..um i love fashion. so no.. and i love high fashion magazines hot bitches in expensive clothes.. what can be better. im in love with lindsay lohan but not in an obessive way also nicole richie and kate moss.. they are all hot. i love school. i am planning to be a registered nurse, im half way there bitches..!!! so if your a cna.. watch cause im gonna be makin you do my work bitches!!!! woOt!!! JEALOUS??? I thought so SKANK!!! hey who am i talkin to?... oh i like meeting new people.. so yea.. my aim. is dtotheflow.. yeeeeeaaaiiiiaaa..KISS MY ASS HOMIE! THOUGHT U WAS THE MAN HOMIe. well thats pretty much the fucken gist. um. i hate everyone except my daughter and i wish everyone else was dead.. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jk